Once Upon A Time….

Children’s Literature – to me there is nothing greater.  It has been a lifetime love affair with words and pictures.  The smell of new books, enveloping a bubble around me and the anticipation of the world I am about to enter…the smell of old books, damp and musty, and wondering what journey they have taken before,  and with whom,  before I too will enter the world they firmly hold between the covers.

In this blog I will discuss both new and old picturebooks and share lovely experiences and insights from authors and experts in this entrancing domain.

I don’t know where the journey will lead and I have been consumed with which of my  ‘very favourite’ books should help to begin this little adventure.  Finally I decided on a fairly new release, where I was lucky enough to meet the author, the illustrator and the subject of the story, the night after it’s release at The Wheeler Centre in Melbourne.



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