Introducing Teddy by Jessica Walton and Dougal MacPherson

This story written so simply and gracefully, presents being transgender and transitioning, in this case from a boy to a girl. The brilliance of Jessica Walton’s prose is that they make no song and dance, no big grand statements, there are no protests or struggles…transitioning is easy and easily accepted – just as it should be.

I love how this book ends, the same way as it begins. Life is really no different, life and how we play within it remains the same – we are just happier when we do that from a position of feeling who we are – of feeling whole.

The illustrations are also simple and graceful – a perfect aligned of text and illustration. They portray the emotional issues underlying the text – beginning with a lonely kind of sadness that ends with complete elation and joy. A happy ending that could relate to many other issues, the fear of change and the wholeness one feels when you sit just right in your own skin.

Jessica Walton wrote this book for her son because she struggled to find a book that suitably explained the transitioning of her own father into a woman. Starting out as a ‘Kickstart’ funding project and within weeks being picked up for publication by Bloomsbury Press, the book has been received well in the literary world and is now being published around the world in many other languages.

This book is current and needed, and will remain on my list of favourite picture books.

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