Mr. Huff  – written and illustrated by Anna Walker

Congratulations to Anna Walker for receiving this prestigious award.

This is an adorable book about having ‘one of those days.’

‘Mr. Huff is a story about the clouds and the sunshine in each of our lives.’ -Anna Walker

The collage illustrations in this picture book include a combination of water colour painting, wood block etching and paper collage.

Here is a link to Anna Walkers website where she goes through the process of how Mr. Huff started off as a doodle and progressed through many storyboards. It is so lovely that she has taken the time to document and share this not often see process http://www.annawalker.com.au/work?mr-huff

This You Tube video is also on her website , but I’ve included it here for those that want a quick sneak peek:

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