My Dad Used To Be So Cool by Keith Negley

Just a very short blog for Fathers Day today.  I have been thinking about all the advertising for suggested buys for Dads – most of them being picture books. Having a husband who would rather receive a good crime thriller, it made me ponder why and when would someone buy a Dad a picture book.  Maybe in the first year ?  Maybe if it is in some way relatable ?  So off I went to the bookshop – twice and there I read a lot of very sweet and very trying to be funny picture books about Dads. And then I found this one and totally fell for it.  It meant something to me because my husband has a motorbike, which he hasn’t sold like in this story, but that amazingly has not gone rusty through lack of use.  He also has a guitar and we used to say we met in a rock n roll band – just to sound like cool parents !!  So I would buy this book for my children to share with their Dad for sure, if they were still small enough.  Alas, they have grown up and are now way cooler than we ever were – well kind of !

All parents will relate to this universal theme because we all lose a bit of our ‘cool’ when we become parents, through choice and / or sometimes exhaustion !  Our lives matter more because we are looking after the biggest treasures we will ever own – and this is the underlying story threaded throughout this book.

I also like that the Dad has tattoos, even though I’m not a personal lover of them myself.  It is a sign of the times and the population of Dads with tatts is ever-growing these days.  It also adds a little irony too.  The graphically designed illustrations are great and there is a lovely double page open out picture in the middleish of the book that is really captivating.

And this blog turned out not so short ! Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there having fun with their cool kids.


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