Miffy in the Snow by Dick Bruna

Only a few weeks ago I received a complimentary copy of ‘Miffy in the Snow’ and it has just been announced that the Dutch author Dick Bruna has passed away in his sleep at the age of 89.

Miffy was an ongoing success -first published in 1955 with the original title ‘Miffy’ and also ‘Miffy at the Zoo.’  In the years following the ‘Miffy’ series included about thirty books and was translated into 50 languages, selling more than 85 million books.

Rereading this book has made me think a couple of things about children’s literature:

When I first read a ‘Miffy’ book it would have been way below my reading standard, but I loved it non the less – perhaps it is precisely for this reason that I don’t believe age and reading ability match and why I always say Picture Books are for everyone.

And also, the illustrations could hardly be more simplistic and yet I am as intrigued by them and ponder over them for just as long now as I did then – there is beauty in the simple things. I do think Miffy looks sad though with her little cross mouth !

I also love the trademark small square book for tiny little hands and the basic colour palate.

Vale Dick Bruna – your books made millions of children very happy readers.


One thought on “Miffy in the Snow by Dick Bruna

  1. Robyn Cullen says:

    Picture story books are delightful and a pleasure to read and visualise. The simplicity of Miffy books is deceiving, they leave a lasting impression! R


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