Digby and the Yodelayhee…Who? by Renee Price and Anil Tortop

This picture book is pure joy and total happiness.

Renee Price has a sense of humour and that comes across clearly in this book. There is adventure and fun on each and every page – in both the story and also in the illustrations that were done by Anil Tortop.

On the opening double spread the protagonist, Digby Fixit, wonders about noisy noises – I totally relate to that being quite a noise sensitive writer, so it had me intrigued straight away, and also… there’s a picture of a cat on a roof top, wearing sunglasses whilst sitting under an umbrella – so I was totally in.  Here it is:

Renee’s words move the story along at quite a fast pace – adventures are like that! And Anil has plenty of fun surprises to find on each page – watch out for that cat I mentioned earlier!

At the end of the book there is a music song sheet for a song that accompanies the story, which would be very handy for smart parents, carers and/or teachers who can play a musical instrument ! but, what I think is even more amazing is the QR code that links you in to listen to the song…but beware!!… it is a very, very catchy song and you will be singing it all day long.

What a talented woman Renee Price is: She wrote the story, she wrote the lyrics, co-wrote the music with Aaron Hipwell, sang the lyrics along with some very cute children… and she is even available for visits to anywhere children hang out, like libraries, kinders, schools etc. to do a stage show – amazing !! I guess you can say you get the whole package with this book.

I totally recommend this story to everyone and I’m confident that Renee Price’s stage shows would be fun and entertaining for all.

You can contact her at www.createitkids.com.au


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