On the Way to Nana’s House written by Frances and Lindsay Haji and illustrated by David Hardy

On the Way to Nana’s House is about a family road trip to go and visit a grandmother – seen through the eyes of a small girl.

The book which is set in the Kimberley Desert, the North-Eastern desert of Western Australia, is a repetitive verse counting story – counting backwards from 15 to 1.

David Hardy’s illustrations are insightful and perfectly capture the cultural and physical aspects of this interesting area. He has unique illustrative interpretations for each double-spread page in this book. My favourite one shows the little girl looking out the window of the Jeep at some cows, but we get the perspective from the outside looking in, with the cows reflected upon the vehicle’s window. He also cleverly represents the second line of the verse as road signs which mark the countdown.

Also featured in this picture book and on the front cover is the deciduous Boab tree that is distinctively unique to this area. These ancient bulbous trees have a multitude of interesting uses – you can find out more about them here : http://www.outback-australia-travel-secrets.com/boab_tree.html

This picture book will invite readers to count everything on each page whilst also counting backwards until we finally get to Nana’s house where she is waiting with open arms – children will also relate well to going on a journey to get to the final destination.

Another lovely Magabala Books publication.







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