Ori’s Christmas by Anne Helen Donnelly

Ori is preparing for Christmas and asks each of his friends what they would like to do on Christmas Day – but when the day comes the choices made by others are not liked by everyone.  The solution is compromise and everyone ends up having a great day.

This picture book is suitable for pre-school and kindergarten groups. It contains two special features:

1. There are actions to do as you follow along with the story that will delight small      children.

2.  There are Christmas decorations to colour-in, cut out and hang on the Christmas tree.

3.  Anne Helen Donnelly includes notes for Parents and Teachers to further engage      participation with this book.

She has also published another book called Ori the Octopus in the same vein that includes colourful characters and scenery to do story re-enactments with.

Ori the Octopus

In this story Ori the Octopus is very helpful to all his friends but becomes overloaded one day when they all require his help at the same time. The solution is that they all end up helping Ori by helping each other.  There are also actions to make up and follow in this book and at one point Ori becomes so overwhelmed that he muddles up all the actions too – I can imagine that children will really enjoy this part.

You can also take a look at Anne’s website that includes extra activities to do with both books : http://www.annehelendonnelly.com

So if you are ready for some Christmas shopping be sure to add Ori’s Christmas and / or Ori the Octopus to your list.

Post Update:  Interview with Anne Helen Donnelly – November 2017







5 thoughts on “Ori’s Christmas by Anne Helen Donnelly

  1. Robyn Cullen says:

    This looks delightful, it is never to early to introduce the idea of compromise! Would it be suitable for 5 – 6 year olds, or too simple?


    • annehelendonnelly says:

      Thank you for your Q. The concept behind the book, that of compromise, is ideal for 5 – 6 year olds. The text is also suitable for early readers so it depends on your 5 – 6 year old. I have a 6-year old son who reads my Ori books by himself and he is an average reader in his class. Those more advanced readers may find it too easy.


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