Lizzy’s Dragon by Melissa Gijsbers

Lizzy’s Dragon is a fantasy adventure story set in a countryside town.

There are elements in this story that children are going to love, beginning with Lizzy’s wish for a pet. She actually wishes for a lizard but ends up with a much larger reptile when she finds an egg and ends up raising a dragon.  Lizzy then has to problem solve just where to keep it as it grows larger and larger – and all this in secret!

Together Lizzy and her pet dragon ‘Bubbles’ become superheroes when the area in which they live becomes threatened by a natural disaster. United they save the area and the lives of the people who live there.

The relationship developments in this story are interesting. The most distinct is the sibling rivalry between Lizzy and her younger brother, Joey – it actually made me smile in reflective memory! Their problems are solved in the end as a result of the maturity that Lizzy gains from her experience. The relationship with her parents also changes as Lizzy takes on a huge responsibility and proves that she has what it takes to make responsible decisions and as her parents realise that they can place their trust in her.

There is the possibility that Lizzy and Bubbles could go on many more adventures as the story sets up the pretext for a series.

This book is suitable for independent younger readers or a great introductory read-aloud chapter book for parents to share with their children – either way a very enjoyable book.




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