Baby Band by Diane Jackson Hill and Giuseppe Poli

The founding message in this book is the disconnectedness of the modern world and how small things can turn things upside down and unify us all as one.

The story is set in an apartment block with all the occupants going about their solitary lives. This all changes when a baby is born and breaks the silence with a lot of crying. The neighbours are brought together when the baby eventually finds something that makes him happy and in their own special way, they all join in!

I certainly can relate to this picture book as I was living overseas when my first child was born and I felt quite isolated – and he sure did cry a lot!

This book also makes me reflect on the joy babies bring to the World – how people stop and talk to you and want to look at the warm, snuggly bundle in your pram.

Babies are miracles and as this book shows they can perform the miracle of uniting people of all ages and interests to form a common friendship.

Giuseppe Poli’s illustrations are happy and playful and work well with the text. He has a sense of humour that will delight readers young and old.

Be sure to take a look at the illustration only page just after the story ends and also at the endpapers that depict the story in a nutshell.

A happy, uplifting read for all ages.






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