Ballerina Monkey by Nicole Madigan

This story begins with Malik the monkey’s dilemma – he wants to be a ballerina. He watches curiously as the pink flamingoes dance in the river every morning and longs to be able to dance in the same way.

His other monkey friends don’t understand his obsession and tease him but when he goes and talks about it with his Mum, she assures him that he can do anything he wants to do and can be anyone he wants to be.

He decides to get lessons from the flamingoes, which he loves, but again he wears the wrath of the other monkey’s jeers – that is until the King of the Jungle and his pride of lions pay a visit and love his dancing so much that he gets to deliver a special performance and his friends now clap and cheer for him. In the end Malik has fulfilled his wish and his friends are happy for his accomplishments too.


This book will entice conversation and discussion about all the above scenarios and issues.  It is suitable for 3 – 7 year olds and I am sure they will also enjoy the bright illustrations.


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