Molly the Pirate by Lorraine Teece and Paul Seden

This story will float you into the seven seas of pirate life from the pure role-playing perspective of a child. This book is full of imagination from all angles.

Molly lives on a farm and in this story she becomes a pirate and her crew are the chickens, her dog and her cat. This story is pure childhood pretending fun and I love that this pirate protagonist is a girl and that the plot has been kept at a realistic and believable level that all readers will relate to.

Paul Seden really brings the text alive – watching the characters’ antics, expressions and outfits are humorously delightful.

He adds leveled dimensions of imagination right throughout the story. A hat, a stick, and an eye-patch turn very quickly into full pirate regalia. The way he amalgamates the desert setting into the rolling seas is enchanting and clever.

The more I read this book, the more I love it! This is a definite ‘read it again’ book that neither children or adult readers will tire of and it is one of those amazing books where you will notice something new every time you read it.

I will even say that it is one of my favourite picture books of the year.


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