The Trouble in Tune Town by Maura Pierlot and Sophie Norsa

Learning to play an instrument can definitely be frustrating – for everyone involved!

In this rhyming couplet story the protagonist gets fed up with practicing and the notes decide to run away. This becomes quite a problem when it is time to get the concert started and all the musicians have no notes to play. A sweet solution is found and the point of the story is revealed – the focus of learning to play an instrument needs to be on fun rather than perfection.

This will be a great book for frustrated instrument learners, their families and also their teachers. There are a few musical terms throughout the book and for those not quite musically au fait there is a glossary at the back to look up terms or use as a resource.

This book is not available in bookstores but can be purchased through the following author websites:

or through Booktopia




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