Dogasaurus by Lucinda Gifford

This is the cutest environmental story you could ever read.

We have all been like Molly and taken something out of it’s natural environment, I’m sure, and sometimes it’s necessary to take those things back to where they belong and this is the dilemma Molly faces when she finds an egg in a mysterious forest and decides to take it home. A dinosaur hatches and although Molly does her best teaching it the normal things we would teach a dog, it becomes clear in the end that she needs to take him home to his natural and happy environment.


Lucinda Gifford’s words are succinct and cleverly written and her illustrations are delightful and humorous, reflective of a talented artist who knows exactly how picture books work. Readers will find small, but meaningful details in each illustration and there are new things one notices even after multiple readings. The cast of farm animals are also just delightful.

Readers of all ages will love this story.







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