Reece Give Me Some Peace! by Sonia Bestulic and Nancy Bevington

This is a fun story that explores a day at home with Mum preparing all meals whilst Reece makes a lot of noise using a variety of instruments.


There is predictable, repetitive text, that would make this an enjoyable read along / read together text.

Suitable for a 0 – 6 year old audience who would enjoy the sounds of the individual instrument noises, as well – for example:

Ding dong ding

                      Ding dong daloom

                                                 Tootle di

                                                             Tootle dum

                                                                           Cling clang clash,

                                                                                                         Cling clang cloom!

It is also a great introduction to instrument types, from drums to violin.


The illustrations are plain and simple, and the characterisation of expressions are well done, particularly the cat who I think expresses Mum’s true, inner feelings.


This book is currently ‘On Tour’ – You can follow along at



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