Billie by Nicole Godwin and Demelsa Haughton

The author’s intent is very clear in this book – to show the beauty of the natural world in which all animals should live happily and peacefully, compared to the hardships that they actually face every day because of humans.

‘Billie’ presents readers with many scenarios that underwater sea creatures face. The protagonist is Billie, a bottlenose dolphin, who just wants to spend her days playing joyfully in the surf, but instead, sets about helping animals affected by human intervention. She does things like free animals from nets and releasing them from fishing lines.

There is something new to discuss on each page, even after multiple readings – Demelsa Haughton’s illustrations are part of the reason for this. Although the illustrations are bold and clear, they are layered with extra visual information. The colour palette used is beautifully calming and maintains a sense of peace that everything is under control. (Even if as adults we know the truth is problematic)

Nicole Godwin is both an author and an animal activist. She is on a mission to save the animals that suffer on our planet and she is doing this by writing stories that start the conversation with children. Her books introduce children to facts and encourages them, as not only readers, but as people, to think differently about all creatures in the hope of a better more conscious future.

Her mission statement reads:

                        ‘We create children’s books that give a voice

                          to those who yelp, roar, moo, oink and trumpet.’

There is a double-page spread at the back of the book that gives readers facts about dolphins and the hardships faced by creatures living in the ocean – a lot of food for thought.

Congratulations to Nicole and Demelsa. This is their second book together. Their first book ‘Ella’ can be found here:

ISBN: 978-0-9945314-1-4                                                                                                                       HB: $24.99                                                                                                                                                             PUBLISHER:  Tusk Books




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