The Heart of a Whale by Anna Pignataro

This book has my heart.

It’s one of those books where you re-read lines just to absorb them because they are poignant and they touch somewhere special deep inside you.

I was smitten from the first line:

‘Whale’s song was so beautiful it could reach the furthest of faraways.’

The dual text is harmonious – the words a poetic symphony with gentle, undersea, watercolour illustrations that carry you forward in this beautiful story about love. The whale sends out a song, a song with the longing to find a love to fill it’s emptiness. The song envelops many other creatures until it is heard by another whale.

When you finish reading the story, you sigh, close the pages, and hold it to your heart, knowing this book is unique… and then you read it again.

This is a must read. It will fill you with love too and make you feel all warm on the inside.

ISBN: 9781743817629

HB: $24.99

PUBLISHER: Scholastic Australia


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