About Brook Tayla

I was an avid reader as a child – often caught with the light on reading in the middle of the night. Reading was a lone journey, but in the unhappy state of my own childhood it was a place that took me far away to places where everything was right in the world and assured me that one day I could create and live in the type of world that I wanted – my own version a fairytale.

My biggest moment in the world of Children’s Literature was when in my mid twenties I decided to stop working and fulfil my dream to be a teacher. On the campus of Victoria College in Toorak, Melbourne, I was to meet Howard Mould, my literature lecturer, who inspired my love of picture books forever more. He would start his lectures by reading picture books and paragraphs out of children’s novels. His analysis of text and story intrigued me – he transported me deeper into understanding literature than I had ever been before. He placed me on this path, but I did not progress far – I happily sat there surrounded by books and children, both my own children and children in classrooms for quite a long time.

Most recently I completed a Graduate Diploma in Children’s Literature with Deakin University. My love of children’s literature and literature in general was deepened even more, leaving me with the realisation that it is time to share what I know.

I am currently working as a librarian and am also available for presentations to mothers groups, kindergartens,Primary Schools and any groups that want to learn about engaging children with books and what a ‘good’ book actually is.


  •  Qualified Teacher (Dip. T – Primary + Grad Dip in Chn’s Literature),
  •  Librarian,
  • Reviewer of Picture Books,
  • Writer,
  • Presenter,
  • Mother of Two,                          
  • Founder of Tell Tales To Me.
  • CBCA Book of the Year Eve Pownall – Information Books Judge 2019