Blue, The Builder’s Dog by Jen Storer and Andrew Joyner

With some books – you just know !  You know you will love them before you even open them, you know on some level the journey this story is about to take you on has personal meaning for you – and that is what happened when I saw Blue, The Builder’s Dog.

I picked it up, held it close, paid for it and took it home.  I didn’t even open it.  I put it on display on my desk and looked at it for ages until I opened it…………..

……..and it was love ….and memories of growing up when dogs roamed the streets, joined in neighbourhood games, went for walks on their own, joined in dog weddings – prancing down the street proud as punch, and like kids in the day – usually got home in time for dinner.  Dogs were thrown in the back of the car with the kids – carefree and scruffy haired and most tradies had a dog thrown into the back of their ute and as kids you would always spend time with them, whether they were on the job at your house or you were walking past a construction site.  They don’t seem to be around as much these days, but I still love it if I see one.

Blue, The Builder’s Dog is symbolic of a bygone Australian era with a retro ambience,  but there are a few telltale signs that this is a modern day working dog – I’ll let you discover them !  Jen Storer’s story is perfect – she is a trustworthy author who let’s us know all the true, quirky and funny aspects of a working dog on a building site and then takes us through the dog’s up and down journey of building his own house.  Jen’s words ebb and flow differently with each section of the story and Andrew Joyner paints the perfect picture with his illustrations as busy as a true worksite – there is so much to find and his characterisations are very expressive.  You can read this picture book over and over again and always find something new.

I took this book to Sydney to show my builder friend Collin and he approved the authenticity !  He made me a coffee and read it to me – pure bliss!

I love this book and I love Jen Storer and it is on my goals list this year to meet her.

4 thoughts on “Blue, The Builder’s Dog by Jen Storer and Andrew Joyner

  1. Megan Higginson says:

    Jen Storer is the best, isn’t she? I have ordered this book as my local bookstore didn’t have it. I am keen as to get my hands on it.


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