We are Different by Jodie McMahon and Mark Curnow

Jodie McMahon’s premier picture book celebrates diversity. It makes a point in setting out that we are all unique but we all have things in common.

Jodie does this by exploring friendships and showing that we relate to people by what we have in common, and that can be as unique and individual as each person themselves, and is not particularly dependent upon personal attributes.

This picture book covers many different types of diversity and each scenario is handled in a caring and fun way. Mark Curnow ensures this through his happy-go-lucky illustration style.

At the end of the book Jodie makes a point of connecting everyone together – emphasizing that at a basic level we are all the same.

This book needs to be in all homes, kindergartens and early years classrooms. It is sure to entice rich and meaningful discussions about this extremely important topic.

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