Pig In A Wig by Chrissie Krebs

This is a delightfully funny story of a pig that finds a wig, and although he is very smitten with himself and his new look, it actually sets him up for lots of trouble and danger as the other farmyard animals do not recognise him.

Chrissie Krebs has created a fun filled adventure that children will enjoy reading over and over again.

The text is composed of well-written rhyming couplets, in comedic but mature language that will surely engage children. Her illustrations are hilarious – enriching the whole story with a cast of interesting and expressive characters…and the endpapers are imaginative and adorable.

Children will be asking for this story to be read over and over again.

Well done to the talented author-illustrator – Chrissie Krebs.

P.S. Looking forward to seeing her version of ‘The Cat in the Hat.’ (You’ll need to read the book to see what I’m talking about!)



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