Story Box Library – A whole lot of (Literary) fun

I have quite a pile of books to review but thought I might change it up this week by talking about Story Box Library – the ‘online reading room.’

It was founded a few years ago by an Australian Mum, Nicole Brownlee, who had seen interactive storytelling but nothing Australia based, so she did something about it and created story tellings by Australian authors, illustrators and celebrities.  I think that is great because we have so much talent in the Australian literary world and this is a way of supporting them as much as they are supporting our little story listeners / observers.  They have a great preview that I have watched over and over, and it makes me feel warm on the inside and smiley on the outside.

I also like this statement that Nicole makes :

“We don’t want you to stop reading to children but we want you to be able to say, this is an alternative.  And it also is a way for them (children) to see different story tellers, not just Mum or Dad, not just the teacher in the classroom, but different people reading stories to them and hopefully that ignites a passion of stories and literature in them.”

I can see children wanting to watch the story told over and over again and I hope it also supports the purchase of great Australian Literature.  Nothing can take the place of a cosy lap or a warm snuggle in bed when telling a story to a child, but I bet you too would be requesting a re-run of the stories in the Story Box Library.

You can check out the preview here :

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